Why People Choose Precision Industries Again and Again for High Quality Torque Converters?

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It can be seen again and again in the racing and performance markets that Precision Industries is the leader in high quality torque converters. There are several reasons why Precision Industries continues to be a leader in the torque converter industry.


Precision Industries has the experience to be able to offer the best products possible for your high performance vehicles. Whether you are modifying a diesel truck or a hot rod, we have what it takes to help you choose your converter wisely.


With our 5 year unconditional warranty, you can rest easy knowing that we will have your back now as well as down the road. Others may claim to offer a similar warranty, but it likely is not unconditional which is almost impossible to find in the aftermarket industry.

Custom Built

At Precision Industries, all of our high performance torque converters are built to order. This allows us to customize them to your needs. We are not in the business to crank out as many torque converters as possible each and every day. We focus on quality not quantity.

Give our office a call today to learn more about all of the different converters that we offer to car enthusiasts around the globe.


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