What Customers are Saying about Precision Industries Custom Torque Converters

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With any product, the true test of whether or not it’s successful is how customers react to it. The same holds true for automotive parts. Aftermarket custom torque converters are an upgrade that many people make to their car to make it faster and quicker on the track. You can tell what people think of the Precision Industries high performance torque converters by what they are saying.

Says Keith, “I wanted to let you know I couldn’t have done it without your converter!” He achieved a new best time of 14.07 seconds on the quarter mile with his 97 Firebird and the 9.5” torque converter, and couldn’t be happier. Another customer, Matt, says, “I have to say the Stallion Torque Converter … works incredibly … Believe me, if anyone asks what the best thing you can do to an AODE equipped  Mustang, I will say put in the Stallion from PI. Thanks so much!”

Precision Industries torque converters are even making racing news. Marka Gallina of Gallina Racing wrote, “Congratulations! Another NHRA record… Thanks again for an absolutely AWESOME converter!”

Are you ready to improve your times at the track? Try a custom torque converter from Precision Industries today.

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