The Basics of Choosing the Optimal Torque Converter for Your Vehicle

The majority of drag racing and high performance vehicles are equipped with an automatic transmission, but with the addition of an aftermarket torque converter, the car owner can enjoy the peak level of performance from the vehicle. Choosing the best torque converter has a number of benefits for the vehicle and its performance including better speed and acceleration.

A torque converter is essentially a fluid coupler that allows power to be transferred from the engine to the transmission. With the use of a torque converter, the vehicle has the ability to idle without actually moving forward.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Higher Performance Torque Converters

When selecting a torque converter, the first factor to assess is the weight of a vehicle. In general, guidelines for selecting a torque converter specify that the heavier the vehicle, the higher the stall that is required.

The second consideration is the amount of torque produced by the vehicle’s engine. Bigger cubic engines, such as diesel engines generally create more torque than engines that have a smaller cubic size. Before selecting a torque converter, the RPM made by the motor at its torque should be examined. Larger cubic engines will generally make more torque at a lower level of RPM, as compared to smaller engines.

The final important factor to be considered in the selection of a torque converter is the use of the vehicle in which the converter will be in—for example, will the vehicle be used for drag racing, as a street car or for towing? Additionally, it’s wise to consider whether maximum performance or maximum mileage is most important with the use of the vehicle. Each of these considerations will play an important role in the torque converter that is chosen. With regard to torque converters, a one-size-fits-all mentality is not the best way to approach the decision, because vehicles have unique and specific requirements.

Additional Considerations

As well as the primary factors of engine size, vehicle weight and applications, there are other ways that vehicle owners can determine what torque converter is going to be most appropriate for their unique purposes.

The gear ratio also plays a pivotal role. The gear ratios of a vehicle are required in order to calculate output gear ratios, engine RPM and vehicle RPM.

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf Converters

The best course of action when selecting a torque converter is to work with a professional manufacturer in order to ensure all calculations and specifications are properly addressed. Because of the specific nature of the design process required to ensure that a torque converter matches the needs of a vehicle and its applications, most people opt to have custom torque converters built, rather than choosing an off-the-shelf torque converter that may not provide the maximum level of performance.

Precision is Everything With Torque Converters

For a very long time, a performance torque converter did not have a clutch included in the assembly. Even when it became obvious that one was needed, not every company that manufactured some type of performance torque converter was able to figure out how to get the clutch assembly to hold up to the abuse that these high performance vehicles demanded. We did. In fact, we were the first ones to do so.

Of course, that’s not the only thing we bring to the table. Our unique design means that absolutely nothing gets in the way of our even and maximum fluid disbursement. We don’t use brazing; we use individual braces because we don’t want even a fraction of the power you need to be held back. That means that you get the maximum power that your transmission can handle so that it does exactly what you want it to do, exactly when you want it to do it.


Why the Vigilante Converter is Best for Your GM Car

The Vigilante torque converter from Precision Industries is custom built for your GM automatic transmission.

When you are looking to replace the factory torque converter on your performance GM car, the Vigilante from Precision Industries gives you many different options. It is available in 9 ½ inch and 10 ½ inch models, with either single disk lockup or multi-disc lockup. With a billet steel front cover and larger clutch area, your Vigilante converter will resist cracking and warping, and will give you maximum efficiency for your performance.

The Vigilante was designed to boost the performance of your Camaro, Corvette, and other GM model cars. Like all other Precision Industries custom converters, the Vigilante comes with a five year warranty, as well as one free stall adjustment during the first two years you own it. That means if you make additional modifications to your car, you can send it back for a free stall adjustment during that time.

The experts at Precision Industries can help you choose the right Vigilante torque converter for your GM car. Give them a call today so that you can upgrade the performance on your vehicle.


The Factory Converter on Your Truck May Not Be Up to the Job

Why should you replace the factory torque converter on your diesel truck for a custom converter from Precision Industries?

Trucks face a lot of challenges that most cars don’t. Namely, trucks are often called upon to haul heavy loads. Diesel trucks have even more to worry about than gasoline powered engines. Diesel engines produce higher torque than gas engines, putting more stress on the transmission. If you do make any modifications to your truck, you can increase the stress placed on your transmission and torque converter, and cause problems down the road.

That’s why serious diesel truck owners will replace their factory torque converters with custom converters from Precision Industries that have been designed specifically for diesel trucks. These diesel torque converters will give you the performance you need to safely tow heavy loads, and will handle the stresses you put on them.

A Precision Industries torque converter is a good way to protect your investment in your diesel truck. To find out which converter is right for your vehicle, call up the experts at Precision Industries today.

The Best Way to Boost Performance on Your Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions are popular in most cars today. The sportiest makes and models are all available in automatic transmissions. It’s likely that if you are looking to get a high performance car, or already have one, it’s an automatic.

One of the first things that car owners can do when they want to boost the performance on their automatic is replace the torque converter. The factory torque converter on your car is fine for every day driving. If you want better performance and faster takeoffs, however, you are going to want a high stall torque converter from Precision Industries.

A custom torque converter from PI will likely be smaller and lighter than the stock converter on your car. When you combine this with a higher stall speed and more torque to the wheels for a faster takeoff, you will love the resulting improvement in acceleration in your car.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a high performance torque converter for your vehicle. Not only do you need to think about your make, model, and stall speed, but you also want to take into account the engine, any other modifications you’ve made, and how you’re planning to drive your car. The experts at Precision Industries can take all of this information and make a recommendation on the best torque converter for your vehicle.

Lockup Torque Converters Give You Fuel Economy Along With Performance

A torque converter does the same thing in an automatic transmission that the clutch does in a manual. It allows you to come to a stop without killing your engine. It also transfers the power from the engine to the wheels when you take off, allowing torque multiplication so you can take off faster.

One problem with the early models of torque converters was the fact that they had two sides that spun independently. As you drove, one side would spin at a different speed than the other. This was known as slippage, and meant that you were losing some fuel efficiency.

After the high gas prices of the 1970s, a lot of work was put into torque converters to solve the slippage problem. One solution that worked well was having the two sides of the converter lock up at a certain speed. This is still used today, and is known as a lockup torque converter.

While some people prefer a non-lockup torque converter, especially in racing, those that use their cars mostly on the street will prefer a lockup converter. A lockup model gives you the same performance advantages, without losing your good gas mileage. You can find custom lockup torque converters for nearly every make and model of car at Precision Industries.


How Should You Choose a Custom Torque Converter for Your Car?

What factors determine the stall speed for your torque converter? You might think that when you use a particular torque converter with a particular engine, that the stall speed is always going to be the same. However, there are more factors involved in determining stall speed.

Your stall speed should be based on your engine output. If you have made any modifications to your car, they can affect engine output. That can mean that your current factory torque converter isn’t doing the job anymore. There are many different modifications that you can make to your car, and most will affect your stall speed.

You may be wondering how you can possibly know what torque converter to select, based on this information. It’s true that it can be difficult to get the right performance torque converter to improve your car’s performance. However, with the help of the automotive experts at Precision Industries, it gets a lot easier. The staff at Precision Industries have many years of experience both on and off the racetrack, as well as a database of years’ worth of makes, models, modifications, and the torque converter selected. They will discuss what modifications you’ve made, and what the best high stall torque converter is based on the configuration of your car.

Custom Torque Converters Give you Performance and Ease of Use

When cars first became available to the general public, they all had standard transmissions. It didn’t take long for people to start asking for an easier way to shift their cars. Shortly thereafter, the automatic transmission was developed.

The torque converter was created to handle the shifting for the automatic transmission. The torque converter allows the engine to keep spinning, while the wheels come to a stop. The torque converter also can increase or multiply the torque coming from the engine to the wheels. With the right torque converter, you can get a fast start and a lot of speed as you take off. That’s a major reason why so many choose to change out their factory converter for a custom model.

One of the great things about a high stall torque converter from Precision Industries is that you can have the performance of a race car, with the smooth handling and fuel efficiency of a standard street car. That’s because Precision Industries puts their years of racing experience into the custom torque converters that they manufacture from scratch, to give you superior performance. Check out the full line of lockup torque converters for nearly every make and model of car available.

Protect the Transmission on Your Truck

One of the reasons why you bought your truck in the first place was to be able to tow with it. Whether you have a boat, horse trailer, or RV, you want to be able to tow it with ease, without worrying about wrecking your transmission.

Something to consider if you are going to be doing a lot of towing is adding a transmission cooler to your truck. The reason why you would do this is to protect your transmission. Hauling extra weight with your truck causes your engine to work harder. That creates more heat, which puts more stress on your transmission. If you transmission overheats, you’ve got serious problems. Replacing a transmission costs a lot more than adding a transmission cooler. In fact, Precision Industries recommends adding a cooler onto your truck if you plan on doing any towing.

To get more out of your truck, you should also upgrade your torque converter to a high performance model from Precision Industries. With many years of experience in improving truck performance, they can help you choose the right custom torque converter for your truck. No matter what make or model of truck you drive, you can find the right one at Precision Industries.


Give Your Street Car an Edge with a Custom Torque Converter

Torque converters have come a long way since first introduced in the automotive industry. From the first models available in the 1950s, torque converters now are able to operate efficiently and provide torque multiplication to allow you extra power when you start up from a complete stop. This has made them popular in drag racing, allowing for exciting starts during races.

When you are using your street car to race, though, your torque converter probably isn’t performing to peak efficiency. That’s because the stock converters that come from your car’s manufacturer aren’t designed for maximum torque multiplication. The stall speed, or maximum RPMs of the engine capable before you start, will be set to a lower level than you need in racing when you are using a stock converter.

You can still race with the same car you commute to work in. But you’ll want to make an upgrade to improve your performance in drag racing. And that is adding a custom torque converter from Precision Industries. With a custom torque converter designed specifically for your car, you can achieve a higher stall speed and more power off the line, without sacrificing fuel efficiency for the rest of your driving. Precision Industries makes high performance torque converters for all makes of cars. Talk to them today to find out which one will work best for you.