Tips When Installing A Torque Converter

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As a car enthusiast you realize that installing a torque converter can greatly improve the performance of your car. Before you install one of these in your hot rod or high performance vehicle make sure to keep the following issues in mind. We understand that you are literally dying to install the new torque converter in your vehicle, but if done incorrectly you could be dealing with problems down the road.

Prepare The Crankshaft

When you are installing torque converters it is important to prepare the crankshaft for installation. This includes checking the crankshaft for abnormalities including burrs and a shaft that is not completely round.

Check The Flex Plate

You should also check the flex plate for cracks as well as teeth which have worn down significantly. All of these can result in a converter not performing as expected.

Prepare The Converter

When installing a torque converter it is recommended that you use about one quart of transmission fluid which should be poured into the converter prior to installation.

If you follow these simple steps you will reduce your converter problems significantly. For any other questions about the installation process, give the professionals at Precision Industries a call today.


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