Tips When Comparing Torque Converter Manufacturers

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Not all companies that build torque converters are the same. Some of them have only minimal working knowledge of how a torque converter works. There are several signs that are going to be great indicators of who is and isn’t a company you want to buy your torque converter from.

Racing and high performance: A company that actually knows something about torque converters will also know that there is a significant difference between a racing torque converter and a high performance torque converter. While a high performance torque converter may be periodically used for racing, it is not built to withstand constant high throttle, unlike racing ones.

Warranty: This one just takes a bit of common sense. If you have a short warranty, such as less than a year, don’t expect the converter to last any longer than that. When you meet with a company that has an unconditional warranty that lasts over four years, you know this has to be a quality product for them to stay in business.

Knowledge: When you are discussing torque converters with someone who knows what they are talking about, you will probably experience some element of confusion. While you may know a lot about cars in general, they should know the ins and outs of a torque converter and not only be able to baffle you with the details, but should also be able to explain why their high performance parts are perfect for knowledgeable car enthusiasts.

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