Tips When Comparing Torque Converter Manufacturers

Not all companies that build torque converters are the same. Some of them have only minimal working knowledge of how a torque converter works. There are several signs that are going to be great indicators of who is and isn’t a company you want to buy your torque converter from.

Racing and high performance: A company that actually knows something about torque converters will also know that there is a significant difference between a racing torque converter and a high performance torque converter. While a high performance torque converter may be periodically used for racing, it is not built to withstand constant high throttle, unlike racing ones.

Warranty: This one just takes a bit of common sense. If you have a short warranty, such as less than a year, don’t expect the converter to last any longer than that. When you meet with a company that has an unconditional warranty that lasts over four years, you know this has to be a quality product for them to stay in business.

Knowledge: When you are discussing torque converters with someone who knows what they are talking about, you will probably experience some element of confusion. While you may know a lot about cars in general, they should know the ins and outs of a torque converter and not only be able to baffle you with the details, but should also be able to explain why their high performance parts are perfect for knowledgeable car enthusiasts.

Precision is Everything With Torque Converters

For a very long time, a performance torque converter did not have a clutch included in the assembly. Even when it became obvious that one was needed, not every company that manufactured some type of performance torque converter was able to figure out how to get the clutch assembly to hold up to the abuse that these high performance vehicles demanded. We did. In fact, we were the first ones to do so.

Of course, that’s not the only thing we bring to the table. Our unique design means that absolutely nothing gets in the way of our even and maximum fluid disbursement. We don’t use brazing; we use individual braces because we don’t want even a fraction of the power you need to be held back. That means that you get the maximum power that your transmission can handle so that it does exactly what you want it to do, exactly when you want it to do it.


Drag Racing and the NHRA

The National Hot Rod Association, or NHRA, was founded in 1951 in an effort to get drag racing off of the streets and onto a track where it would be safer for everyone involved. The NHRA promotes diversity in racing, and has over 20 different categories to compete in.

With a large fan base and an immensely popular competition series, the NHRA has influenced would-be racers all over. Today, many drag racing enthusiasts test out their driving skills and their cars at amateur night on NHRA tracks.

One thing that is so appealing about drag racing is that you don’t need any special equipment to do it. If you have a solid, safe car that passes inspections, you can race. Though you don’t have to, many enthusiasts make modifications to their street cars to improve their times on the track.

One popular modification is to replace the stock torque converter on your car with a performance torque converter. A custom torque converter designed for your engine will help you get off the line faster, and shave time off of your runs.

To determine which torque converter is best for your car, contact the experts at Precision Industries today. They have years of automotive experience, including many years in racing, and also have a database of their products and their performance on various car models. Call them today to discuss how to improve your time at the track.

Why Trust Precision Industries with Your Performance Vehicle

If cars are your passion and your looking to better your time, you won’t trust your vehicle to just any company; you want manufacturers with experience. The aftermarket equipment you install on your car must have proven performance, as well as a good reputation behind it.

At Precision Industries, they understand and share your enthusiasm. Their team members have spent many years in the performance torque converter industry, and they have the experience you are looking for.

The president of the company, Terry Hedrick, is a world class racing champion. He has many years of racing experience under his belt, as well as vast experience in the auto repair business. He is recognized by the industry as a master of automatic transmissions  and is a leader in understanding torque converters. Terry is an expert at utilizing technology to gain performance.

Terry and his team have many years of experience in coaxing performance out of their cars, and have transferred this experience to the manufacturing of custom torque converters. Their goal is simple – to offer you the best custom torque converter available on the market today.