How do Diesel Torque Converters Differ From Gasoline Models

While high performance torque converters can benefit both diesel and gasoline engines, they are much different based on the type of engine for the following reasons.

Diesel Torque Converters Must Be Optimized

Diesel torque converters must be made quite differently so that they can be tailored to the torque characteristics of a diesel engine. Diesel engines produce much more torque which makes torque converters very important when looking at ways to boost performance.

Lower Stall Speed

Because diesel engines often perform better at lower RPM’s when compared to gas engines, diesel torque converters typically have a much lower stall speed than their gasoline counterparts. Stall speed is a commonly misunderstood term in the high performance automotive industry, but is really just the point at which an automatic transmission actually shifts gears.

As you can see there are several differences between diesel torque converters and gasoline converters. If you are still unsure as to which torque converter will work best for your vehicle, contact Precision Industries today. Our talented staff will help you select the perfect torque converter for your individual needs.

The Factory Converter on Your Truck May Not Be Up to the Job

Why should you replace the factory torque converter on your diesel truck for a custom converter from Precision Industries?

Trucks face a lot of challenges that most cars don’t. Namely, trucks are often called upon to haul heavy loads. Diesel trucks have even more to worry about than gasoline powered engines. Diesel engines produce higher torque than gas engines, putting more stress on the transmission. If you do make any modifications to your truck, you can increase the stress placed on your transmission and torque converter, and cause problems down the road.

That’s why serious diesel truck owners will replace their factory torque converters with custom converters from Precision Industries that have been designed specifically for diesel trucks. These diesel torque converters will give you the performance you need to safely tow heavy loads, and will handle the stresses you put on them.

A Precision Industries torque converter is a good way to protect your investment in your diesel truck. To find out which converter is right for your vehicle, call up the experts at Precision Industries today.