How Do You Know You are Getting a High Quality Torque Converter?

When we say we manufacture high quality torque converters, we are not playing around. Our converters are not made for the average driver. They are made for people who want to drive high performance cars and who only want to use the best when they put parts in these cars that sometimes mean as much to them as a family member.

Not all torque converters are the same. We are so confident in our high quality torque converters that we offer a five year warranty on them that allows you to ship it back to us for repair or replacement for five years. As if that isn’t enough, we also offer a free stall change within the first two years following the original purchase. We know this is more than most manufacturers offer, but we have so much confidence in our converters that it just seems silly to offer anything less to our customers.

Facts About a Dragon Torque Converter Warranty

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When you purchase a Dragon torque converter, you are already making a decision to use parts that are top of the line. You want your torque converter to be able to handle all the power you are going to send it’s way. Because you have common sense, you also want to know what kind of a warranty you can expect to come with your Dragon torque converter.

We are so confident that you will not have any problem with your torque converter that we offer a five year warranty for our converters. That means we don’t give you a hassle about parts or service. Instead, we assess the situation and determine whether the converter needs to be repaired, or if it should simply be replaced. There is no hassle or arguing. You simply return it to us and we take immediate action. In return, you receive back your repaired converter or a new one at no extra charge. It’s just that simple.

Is The Vigilante GM Torque Converter Right For Me?

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The Vigilante GM Torque Converter by Precision Industries is built for General Motors vehicles.  This custom torque converter should fit the following GM models:

Impala SS

Turbo Buick

Camaro & Firebird LT1 & LS1




Cadillac CTS


While this is just a short list of the high performance models that the Vigilante torque converter fits, this is not to say that this is the complete list.  Contact Precision Industries to determine whether or not they have a custom torque converter that will fit your vehicle.  Chances are that if you own a high performance vehicle, Precision Industries has a torque converter which will meet your needs.  It may not be their Vigilante line, but they have plenty of other lines which should fit your vehicle.

For more information on their wide range of torque converters visit their web site at today.  With their rock solid product and warranty, you can rest easy knowing that buying from Precision Industries will help you trick out your vehicle in ways that you can not even imagine.

Benefits Of a High Quality Clutch in Your Custom Torque Converter

There are several integral parts of a custom torque converter which alone may not seem important, but together produce a great product.  One of these pieces which is sometimes overlooked is the clutch surface and the clutch itself.

Clutch Surface

Many companies who claim to offer high quality torque converters utilize a clutch surface is very small which is not ideal.  Precision Industries has a much larger clutch surface area which produces a much better product.

Clutch Assembly

The actual clutch assembly also varies greatly between manufacturers.  Stock clock assembly’s offer a small clutch contact area as well as a weak damper.  Precision Industries clutch assembly offers a larger clutch contact area, as well as a special clutch lining to aid in the longevity of the clutch.

When shopping for a custom torque converter make sure to do plenty of research before settling on a certain manufacturer.  A torque converter can be an expensive aftermarket purchase, so you want to make sure that you get exactly what you want in your new converter.


Benefits of a Custom Torque Converter for Your Diesel Truck

A custom torque converter can do wonders for your diesel truck.  One of the complaints that is often heard from diesel truck owners is the lack of performance from their diesel trucks.  There are several reasons for this and a torque converter can significantly help with this problem.

Control Stall

Typically when you purchase a diesel truck from the factory the stall speed is already set to a certain setting which may or may not work for you.  If you tow heavy equipment, you will likely want to lower your stall speed.  With a custom torque converter this can be achieved with ease.

More Power

A torque converter allows more power to be distributed to your rear wheels which in turn gives your diesel truck more torque and ultimately more power.  This can help you get more of the things done with your truck that otherwise would have been difficult.

At Precision Industries, we are the industry leader when it comes to high quality torque converters for your diesel truck.  Do not go anywhere else when you want to increase the performance of your truck!

Signs of the Best Torque Converter Manufacturer

If you are in the market for a high performance torque converter manufacturer, you are one of those rare people who is so dedicated to their high performance vehicle that you don’t want anything but the best. Of course, that’s exactly what you deserve and why you should know how to find the best high performance torque converter manufacturer.

Innovation: No matter what industry they serve, the companies who are innovative are the ones who get to the top. They aren’t satisfied to just follow someone’s lead. They are the lead. When it comes to torque converters, look to the companies who allow for maximum fluid disbursement and use of technology that led to the development of the clutch assembly now included in all torque converters.

Guarantee: Companies that guarantee their products must have enough faith in them to do so or they would be out of business immediately. No company wants to replace parts, so the guarantee tells you that they make them right the first time.

Choosing From Different Types of Torque Converters

There are actually a variety of torque converters, like high performance and racing torque converters on top of your average torque converter that comes standard in the vehicles you buy to satisfy transportation needs. The difference between them is really how they are used and what they can stand up to under extreme driving conditions.

For instance, when you are going to get your groceries, you may wish you had bit more torque in order to have a faster take off from the stop light, but you really don’t need anything that gives you too much of a boost. On the other hand, racing torque converters need to have that extra push to smoothly shift gears and get a jump on the competition.

The type of torque converter you need depends on what kind of a vehicle you have and what you use it for on a daily basis. If aftermarket adjustments have been made, then you may need to get a different converter than would normally come standard with your vehicle. This is just one reason you need to learn as much as you can about a vehicle before purchasing it.

Precision is Everything With Torque Converters

For a very long time, a performance torque converter did not have a clutch included in the assembly. Even when it became obvious that one was needed, not every company that manufactured some type of performance torque converter was able to figure out how to get the clutch assembly to hold up to the abuse that these high performance vehicles demanded. We did. In fact, we were the first ones to do so.

Of course, that’s not the only thing we bring to the table. Our unique design means that absolutely nothing gets in the way of our even and maximum fluid disbursement. We don’t use brazing; we use individual braces because we don’t want even a fraction of the power you need to be held back. That means that you get the maximum power that your transmission can handle so that it does exactly what you want it to do, exactly when you want it to do it.


With Precision Industries You Get Everything You Need To Install A Torque Converter

As a car enthusiast, we know that sometimes you can get in over your head trying to fix up your car to add more horsepower or torque.  When shopping for a high quality torque converter, you often are not thinking of how hard it will be to install, you are just thinking of how much better your car will handle with it installed.  This is why when purchasing these aftermarket products it is important to purchase from a reputable company that will help you when you are struggling with installation problems.

Precision Industries will send you step by step, easy to follow directions which guide you through the entire process of installing a new high quality torque converter.  You can also check out this guide at anytime on our website.  If you follow these easy steps, you will be well on your way to a better handling car that all of your friends will envy.  Give us a call today to see which torque converter is right for your vehicle.

Why A Warranty Matters for High Quality Torque Converters

At Precision Industries we understand that our primary market is people who are interested in getting the most out of their automobiles at any time.  You want to be able to accelerate at the drop of a hat and one way that you know to do this is by purchasing a high quality torque converter.  While this is definitely a way to improve the performance of your car, all companies are not created equal when it comes to this vital performance equipment.

Precision Industries is the market leader in high quality torque converters and one of the main reasons for this is our strong warranty.  If you buy a high quality torque converter from PI Industries you can rest easy because even though you will be greatly improving the performance of your vehicle, you will still receive a industry leading 5 year warranty on your new torque converter.  This warranty will cover defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 5 years.  You will find it difficult to find a comparable warranty in the industry.  Visit our web site today to pick out the perfect torque converter to take your car performace to the next level!