Dragon Custom Torque Converters

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Custom Torque converters can do wonders for any vehicle. They can take an ordinary car and make it extra ordinary. Gearheads know this, but they still have quite a wide range of choices: size, material, manufacturer, and the most influential, price. There are many differing opinions on the best torque converter, but data supports the custom torque converters from Precision Industries, specifically the Dragon converter.

The Dragon torque converter services foreign imported vehicles like Lexus, Infiniti, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. If you have one of these cars and need a converter, Precision is the place to go. They offer the best in custom torque converters. These converters have a multi-disc systems and custom single-disc lockup systems. They also have billet-made front covers. Like all the rest, the Dragon comes with a five-year unconditional warranty; that is great service. Precision ships products worldwide. Here is a bit more information about the features that are not specific to each car.


Multi-Disc Systems

There are advantages and disadvantages to the multi-disc system. These are friction discs that help lock the converter up. Because it has multiple discs, it will lock up more positively. Multi-disc systems are better used when the vehicle will be doing a substantial amount of work. The multi-disc system works best for large trucks that run 450 horsepower or more.

Single-Disc Systems

Single-disk converters are for vehicles that don’t receive a lot of stress, the kind of stress that trucks do with hauling and towing large amounts. They work well for everyday low horse powered driving cars. 

Forged Front Cover

Most front covers are made from stamped steel. Stamped steel, because of the way it’s made, can have problems with cracking and leaking. Precision, like its name, doesn’t stand for that kind of quality. Instead of buying premade stamped steel covers, they take time to make the front covers out of forged steel. They can forge the steel to the desired form and strength. This makes better and more precise products. Forged steel is capable of being stronger than stamped steel. The metal itself is forged to the initial shape of the part that it is to be used for so that the grain of the metal conforms to the shape of the cover. The only downside to forged steel made parts is the fact that they have to be completely machined, which takes more work, and by extension costs more for the consumer. However expensive they may become, forged front covers are superior to stamped or cast front covers for a many reasons. They can be made to have a greater amount of surface area for the clutch, and they have more uniform weight and thickness.

Precision Industries has custom-made Torque converters for almost every make of vehicle. The Dragon is simply the one for imported automobiles. Precision takes pride in doing things right, even if it costs more.

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