Custom Torque Converters

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Torque converters are all made to work. Just like anything else, if it’s made right and installed right, it will work just fine. That being said, they still don’t hold a candle to custom torque converters. Anything custom made comes at a price, but often times the benefits thoroughly outweigh the price. Out of all of the pros and cons, here are a few things that might help you decide what kind of system and parts work best of you.

Stock converters are generic. They do the job; they suffice, but they aren’t by any means the optimum or ideal part for your engine. The lifespan of these will of course differ from one vehicle to another. The Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord seem to have quite a track record for this, but eventually they wear out, too. When driving, the torque converter is under a lot of stress. Catching its failure is highly important if the rest of the transmission is to remain undamaged. It’s best to deal with it too early than too late. When the time comes that the stock torque converter needs to be replaced, a choice arises. You can: A. Buy another cheap torque converter, or B. Buy a custom torque converter and avoid trouble later.

Besides having better durability, it can add performance. Cars and trucks, specifically trucks because of their usage, can lack the desired performance. These problems can often times be fixed by a custom torque converter. In a normal vehicle the stall speed is preset, and not very negotiable. High or low may not be what you want. A custom torque converter allows a change in stall speed. Low stall speed is great for towing and hauling. It makes for lower RPM and better mileage. Meanwhile, a high stall converter has slip and more RPM, and by extension more heat. A custom torque converter also permits the back wheels to have more power. The more overall torque it has, the more power it has. A custom torque converter opens up a wide range of possibilities so that your truck can get more done than before.

Another advantage to a custom torque converter, over a generic one, is the clutch surface area. Typical clutches, and even those that come from some replacement companies, don’t have enough surface area. Only an expert analysis, followed by a custom-made part, can achieve a larger and better clutch. The other clutch assembly parts can also use improvement. Buying custom manufactured parts ensures that they were designed for your vehicle, and that they are tougher.

The only noticeable disadvantage is the price. Paying that extra amount can be painful, even when it’s helpful in the long run. Anyone thinking about getting a custom torque converter should always do a bit of studying up on the company they intend to get it from, that way they get exactly what they want, without errors and hassles.

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