How do Diesel Torque Converters Differ From Gasoline Models

While high performance torque converters can benefit both diesel and gasoline engines, they are much different based on the type of engine for the following reasons.

Diesel Torque Converters Must Be Optimized

Diesel torque converters must be made quite differently so that they can be tailored to the torque characteristics of a diesel engine. Diesel engines produce much more torque which makes torque converters very important when looking at ways to boost performance.

Lower Stall Speed

Because diesel engines often perform better at lower RPM’s when compared to gas engines, diesel torque converters typically have a much lower stall speed than their gasoline counterparts. Stall speed is a commonly misunderstood term in the high performance automotive industry, but is really just the point at which an automatic transmission actually shifts gears.

As you can see there are several differences between diesel torque converters and gasoline converters. If you are still unsure as to which torque converter will work best for your vehicle, contact Precision Industries today. Our talented staff will help you select the perfect torque converter for your individual needs.

Is The Vigilante GM Torque Converter Right For Me?

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The Vigilante GM Torque Converter by Precision Industries is built for General Motors vehicles.  This custom torque converter should fit the following GM models:

Impala SS

Turbo Buick

Camaro & Firebird LT1 & LS1




Cadillac CTS


While this is just a short list of the high performance models that the Vigilante torque converter fits, this is not to say that this is the complete list.  Contact Precision Industries to determine whether or not they have a custom torque converter that will fit your vehicle.  Chances are that if you own a high performance vehicle, Precision Industries has a torque converter which will meet your needs.  It may not be their Vigilante line, but they have plenty of other lines which should fit your vehicle.

For more information on their wide range of torque converters visit their web site at today.  With their rock solid product and warranty, you can rest easy knowing that buying from Precision Industries will help you trick out your vehicle in ways that you can not even imagine.

Benefits Of a High Quality Clutch in Your Custom Torque Converter

There are several integral parts of a custom torque converter which alone may not seem important, but together produce a great product.  One of these pieces which is sometimes overlooked is the clutch surface and the clutch itself.

Clutch Surface

Many companies who claim to offer high quality torque converters utilize a clutch surface is very small which is not ideal.  Precision Industries has a much larger clutch surface area which produces a much better product.

Clutch Assembly

The actual clutch assembly also varies greatly between manufacturers.  Stock clock assembly’s offer a small clutch contact area as well as a weak damper.  Precision Industries clutch assembly offers a larger clutch contact area, as well as a special clutch lining to aid in the longevity of the clutch.

When shopping for a custom torque converter make sure to do plenty of research before settling on a certain manufacturer.  A torque converter can be an expensive aftermarket purchase, so you want to make sure that you get exactly what you want in your new converter.


Benefits of a Custom Torque Converter for Your Diesel Truck

A custom torque converter can do wonders for your diesel truck.  One of the complaints that is often heard from diesel truck owners is the lack of performance from their diesel trucks.  There are several reasons for this and a torque converter can significantly help with this problem.

Control Stall

Typically when you purchase a diesel truck from the factory the stall speed is already set to a certain setting which may or may not work for you.  If you tow heavy equipment, you will likely want to lower your stall speed.  With a custom torque converter this can be achieved with ease.

More Power

A torque converter allows more power to be distributed to your rear wheels which in turn gives your diesel truck more torque and ultimately more power.  This can help you get more of the things done with your truck that otherwise would have been difficult.

At Precision Industries, we are the industry leader when it comes to high quality torque converters for your diesel truck.  Do not go anywhere else when you want to increase the performance of your truck!

Many Details Make PI Converters Worth the Price

When you start shopping around for a custom torque converter to replace the stock converter on your automatic transmission, you may notice that Precision Industries converters can cost a little bit more than the competition. What makes them more expensive?

There is a very good reason behind the higher cost. One thing you will find when you investigate the lower-priced torque converters on the market is that they are usually stock torque converters that have been retrofitted. They are not much better than what you already have, and usually not worth their already cheap price.

With a high performance torque converter from Precision Industries, you are getting years of experience that went into designing and manufacturing a fully custom converter. At Precision Industries, they make their own billet covers, designed to withstand the heat in a transmission and resist warping and cracking. They also manufacture all of the interior parts. Inside a PI converter you’ll find a large clutch surface, and custom braces designed to allow the vortex fluid to flow freely.

Everything about a high performance torque converter from Precision Industries has been specially designed to last for many years of street and racing use. When you combine that with an unprecedented five year warranty, you’ll realize that Precision Industries offers the best value on custom converters available on the market.

Invest in Your Truck with a High Performance Torque Converter

Custom torque converters are quite popular in the world of racing and performance street cars. However, if you own a truck that you use for towing, you can benefit from a high performance torque converter as well.

When you are towing heavy loads, you probably aren’t interested in drag racing. What you are looking for is a high amount of torque at low RPMs as you start up from a stop. This combination will allow you to safely and easily pull heavy loads like trailers and RVs with your truck.

You can increase the towing capacity of your truck with the right high performance torque converter from Precision Industries. They make converters for both gasoline and diesel trucks, and can adjust the stall speed based on your truck, engine, and any modifications you’ve already made to your vehicle. At Precision Industries, you get a truly custom torque converter for reasonable price. This is one of the best investments you can make for your truck.

Get Better Performance from Your Street Car with a Custom Torque Converter

As you make adjustments to your performance street car, one you should consider is a new torque converter, even if your existing converter seems to be working okay. There are number of reasons why you might want to change out your stock torque converter for a high performance model from Precision Industries.

If you have an older car from the 1990s or earlier, a custom torque converter will improve your performance. New torque converters are more efficient than models that are several years old.

Many people all make modifications and improvements to their street cars. When you do this, you can change your engine’s output. This usually means that the torque converter that originally came with the car will no longer give you peak performance.

If you are a weekend racer, or just like to go fast, a stock torque converter won’t give you the power or that you’re looking for. A new custom torque converter from Precision Industries will give you a big boost in performance for a relatively low cost.

Even though your current torque converter seems to be doing the job, you are likely to see a performance boost from upgrading to a high stall torque converter from Precision Industries.

Experience Counts in Choosing the Best Torque Converter for Your Car

When you are choosing a high performance torque converter to replace the stock converter on your car, you have many options to choose from. How do you choose between the different companies out there?

There’s an easy way to make a choice when it comes to one of the most important modifications you can make to your high performance car. It all comes down to experience. Precision Industries President Terry Hedrick has the experience you want from an auto parts manufacturer. Hedrick was a world-class champion racer with many years of racing experience, who also has years of experience in the automotive repair field.

Hedrick and his team are recognized experts on automatic transmissions and torque converters. They are known for their customer service as well as their quality converters, and will work with you to find the best custom torque converter for your performance street car.

When you are choosing one of the most important pieces of equipment for your car, go to the best. Call up Precision Industries and speak to an expert who can discuss your vehicle and modifications with you, and help you decide which converter will do the job.

A Custom Torque Converter Can Give Your Diesel Truck More Towing Power

Why do you need to upgrade the torque converter on your diesel truck? A new, custom torque converter can help turn your diesel truck into the towing machine that you need to be able to haul your boat, RV, horse trailer, or other heavy loads.

By changing out the factory torque converter with a high performance model from Precision Industries, you can control your stall speed, and divert more power to your rear wheels. This will help you utilize the power in your diesel engine and tow easier.

Factory torque converters often have the stall speed set too high for diesel engines. By being able to choose your own stall, you can pick a lower one. A lower stall will also help control the temperature of your transmission. The cooler your transmission stays, the longer it will last.

With a Precision Industries custom torque converter, you also get one free stall change within the first two years you own it. If you find after making modifications to your truck that you need a stall change, simply follow the instructions on Precision Industries website to send back your converter so they can change the stall. With service like this, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else but Precision Industries for your high performance torque converter.


Reasons Why Precision Industries Torque Converters Out-Perform the Competition

When you are upgrading your torque converter on your performance street car, you want to be sure you get the very best. Precision Industries is the leader in custom torque converters for performance vehicles. Here are a few reasons why your high performance torque converter should be made by Precision Industries.

Precision Industries uses a one piece billet cover that is balanced and resists fatigue cracking and warping due to the heat and stress of every day driving. Other manufacturers use a front cover with a welded ring that will warp and crack over time.

On a Precision Industries custom torque converter, the clutch has a large surface contact area. Other brands of converters give you a smaller clutch area that can easily become warped over time.

Precision Industries also has designed special bracing for the turbine blades that allows the vortex fluid to flow freely for peak efficiency. With other companies, the blades are welded on, and the welds disrupt the flow of the fluid.

There is no question that for the best and longest lasting performance from your torque converter, you want to go with a model from Precision Industries. They custom design torque converters for all makes and models of vehicles. Contact them today to speak to an expert about which high performance torque converter is right for your car.